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New website for Nu-Wall

by Administrator 1. August 2012 14:00

More accurately - a makeover of the previous site, where we took the opportunity to "kill off" our Live Ambassador (the little guy who popped up and spoke on the Home & Profiles & Colours pages). While the majority of visitors saw him as a positive feature, he'd probably outstayed his welcome, so now he knows how those people in Graham Norton's big red chair feel....

The new site has many more images of completed projects than its predecessor; these can be found by clicking on the various categories under the Products button. We've also changed the format of the Technical Details download selector to one which we think is more user-friendly, at the same time ensuring that all the info available is per our current specifications, which were recently updated in line with changes to the NZ Building Code. Tech Details are found under the Resources button.

A significant addition to the site is that of an area dedicated to remedial recladding; these types of projects becoming a major part of Nu-Wall's business in New Zealand. A few example Case Studies can be found under the Recladding button; we will be adding more of these in the future.

A visit to the Contacts page will reveal the addition of our recently appointed distributor in Dunedin - Vistalite Otago - so if you're in the deep South, please contact them in the first instance with your Nu-Wall enquiries; they'll be pleased to advise.


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