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Vertical Nu-Wall over cavity

by Administrator 19. September 2014 14:23

Standard detail drawings and other information relating to the new BRANZ Appraisal #870 can now be downloaded from the Document Downloads page of our website (under Resources tab).

New BRANZ Appraisal - vertical cladding over cavity

by Administrator 16. September 2014 11:13

Consenting Authorities around New Zealand require complete and correct information in support of Building Consent applications. In many instances in the past Appraisal #556 (which covers direct-fixed installation of Nu-Wall vertically) had been accepted where the proposed project incorporated a cavity. We are now seeing the requirement being expressed more specifically; i.e. the supporting Appraisal must correctly reflect the method of installation proposed in the BC application. To this end, BRANZ have issued a new Appraisal - #870 - which covers installation of Nu-Wall vertically over a cavity. 

Appraisal #870 Sep2014.pdf (111.39 kb)


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