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Vertical Nu-Wall over cavity

by Administrator 19. September 2014 14:23

Standard detail drawings and other information relating to the new BRANZ Appraisal #870 can now be downloaded from the Document Downloads page of our website (under Resources tab).

New BRANZ Appraisal - vertical cladding over cavity

by Administrator 16. September 2014 11:13

Consenting Authorities around New Zealand require complete and correct information in support of Building Consent applications. In many instances in the past Appraisal #556 (which covers direct-fixed installation of Nu-Wall vertically) had been accepted where the proposed project incorporated a cavity. We are now seeing the requirement being expressed more specifically; i.e. the supporting Appraisal must correctly reflect the method of installation proposed in the BC application. To this end, BRANZ have issued a new Appraisal - #870 - which covers installation of Nu-Wall vertically over a cavity. 

Appraisal #870 Sep2014.pdf (111.39 kb)


How weathertight is Nu-Wall?

by Administrator 6. March 2014 10:40

Nu-Wall has been subjected to VM1 weathertightness testing per Clause E2/AS1 (Amendment 5) of the New Zealand Building Code. Based upon this testing the product has been appraised by BRANZ as being suitable for use on buildings within the scope of E2/AS1 and situated in Building Wind Zones up to "Extra High" per NZS3604. Further testing has been conducted on the product which supports its application on buildings outside these limitations, subject to approval by the relevant Building Consent Authority. Nu-Wall has been supplied to New Zealand construction projects for over 20 years. The product's proprietary system of flashings was originally designed to be weathertight and to manage drainage of water to the exterior; development of the product over the years has served to further reinforce these factors. An installation of Nu-Wall cladding does not require the incorporation of any additional flashings at window and door openings in order to maintain weathertightness.

Made in New Zealand - it's a fact

by Administrator 3. October 2013 13:47

We are often asked by prospective customers - "where is Nu-Wall imported from?"; they assuming that it is manufactured overseas. They are always pleased to hear us tell them that Nu-Wall is made wholly in New Zealand, being extruded for us at McKechnie Aluminium Solutions in Taranaki from aluminium which contains a high locally-recycled component. Please see the attached Statement, published by McKechnie, relating to Sustainability. 

environmental-brochure-v7-copy.pdf (241.17 kb)

Nu-Wall passes revised VM1 weathertightness testing

by Administrator 7. February 2013 10:57

Amendment 5 to Clause E2/AS1 of the NZ Building Code incorporated revisions to the VM1 weathertightness test procedure. In order to maintain validity of the BRANZ Appraisals relating to its use, Nu-Wall was required to undergo testing per the revised procedure. Sample structures were built at BRANZ and testing of these was completed during December and January. Testing was conducted satisfactorily, with passes recorded for all stages.  

Any colour you want...

by Administrator 17. December 2012 13:59

Powdercoat colours can, if required, be custom-made to match finishes of other materials being used on a project. Quite commonly we are asked if Nu-Wall cladding can be supplied to match a paint colour used on another material; e.g. a rendered plaster wall. While the answer is generally yes, the problem which arises is that unlike paint, which can be mixed to order in fairly small quantities, powdercoat colours have to be specifically manufactured in a batch - they can't be derived from mixing of existing colours. Where the project is of a reasonable size, for example the total cladding of a house, this may not be a problem as the job would demand a batch of powder. Where there is only a small amount of material involved, however, the cost to manufacture a batch of powder for this can be prohibitive.

The optimum way to proceed, if possible, when selecting colours for a project is to select the powdercoat colour first, then have paint mixed to match that if required. Paint can be mixed by the tin, and for many powdercoat colours the paint manufacturers may already have the correct mixing formula recorded.

And there's more....

by Administrator 15. November 2012 11:23

Added recently to the range of 200mm wide profiles is the E200 - this crisp new profile takes the existing flat Mono profile and adds an interesting feature in the form of a 20mm wide negative detail.

Nu-Wall profiles grow up

by Administrator 15. November 2012 11:10

The 190mm wide Ripple profile has been around almost as long as Nu-Wall has; at the time of its inception this dimension was pushing the boundaries of the aluminium extrusion facilities within New Zealand. Ripple was followed by the Mono190 and Aero190 profiles. More recently, the introduction of a larger press at McKechnie Aluminium Solutions has allowed us to re-design these profiles to a more uniform 200mm width. Hence, Ripple200; Mono200 and Aero200 have joined the Nu-Wall range. In the longer term these new profiles will supercede the original 190mm formats, however for the time being we will continue to maintain tooling for both formats.     

New website for Nu-Wall

by Administrator 1. August 2012 14:00

More accurately - a makeover of the previous site, where we took the opportunity to "kill off" our Live Ambassador (the little guy who popped up and spoke on the Home & Profiles & Colours pages). While the majority of visitors saw him as a positive feature, he'd probably outstayed his welcome, so now he knows how those people in Graham Norton's big red chair feel....

The new site has many more images of completed projects than its predecessor; these can be found by clicking on the various categories under the Products button. We've also changed the format of the Technical Details download selector to one which we think is more user-friendly, at the same time ensuring that all the info available is per our current specifications, which were recently updated in line with changes to the NZ Building Code. Tech Details are found under the Resources button.

A significant addition to the site is that of an area dedicated to remedial recladding; these types of projects becoming a major part of Nu-Wall's business in New Zealand. A few example Case Studies can be found under the Recladding button; we will be adding more of these in the future.

A visit to the Contacts page will reveal the addition of our recently appointed distributor in Dunedin - Vistalite Otago - so if you're in the deep South, please contact them in the first instance with your Nu-Wall enquiries; they'll be pleased to advise.


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