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New BRANZ Appraisal - vertical cladding over cavity

by Administrator 16. September 2014 11:13

Consenting Authorities around New Zealand require complete and correct information in support of Building Consent applications. In many instances in the past Appraisal #556 (which covers direct-fixed installation of Nu-Wall vertically) had been accepted where the proposed project incorporated a cavity. We are now seeing the requirement being expressed more specifically; i.e. the supporting Appraisal must correctly reflect the method of installation proposed in the BC application. To this end, BRANZ have issued a new Appraisal - #870 - which covers installation of Nu-Wall vertically over a cavity. 

Appraisal #870 Sep2014.pdf (111.39 kb)


Nu-Wall passes revised VM1 weathertightness testing

by Administrator 7. February 2013 10:57

Amendment 5 to Clause E2/AS1 of the NZ Building Code incorporated revisions to the VM1 weathertightness test procedure. In order to maintain validity of the BRANZ Appraisals relating to its use, Nu-Wall was required to undergo testing per the revised procedure. Sample structures were built at BRANZ and testing of these was completed during December and January. Testing was conducted satisfactorily, with passes recorded for all stages.  

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