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How weathertight is Nu-Wall?

by Administrator 6. March 2014 10:40

Nu-Wall has been subjected to VM1 weathertightness testing per Clause E2/AS1 (Amendment 5) of the New Zealand Building Code. Based upon this testing the product has been appraised by BRANZ as being suitable for use on buildings within the scope of E2/AS1 and situated in Building Wind Zones up to "Extra High" per NZS3604. Further testing has been conducted on the product which supports its application on buildings outside these limitations, subject to approval by the relevant Building Consent Authority. Nu-Wall has been supplied to New Zealand construction projects for over 20 years. The product's proprietary system of flashings was originally designed to be weathertight and to manage drainage of water to the exterior; development of the product over the years has served to further reinforce these factors. An installation of Nu-Wall cladding does not require the incorporation of any additional flashings at window and door openings in order to maintain weathertightness.
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